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Testimonial of Naresh for Root Canal Treatment done by Dr Swetha at Platina Dental KPHB
Patient Name: Naresh
Treatment Doctor: Dr. Swetha
Treatments undergone: Scaling, Root Canal, Zirconia Crown
Case Overview: Mr. Naresh came to Platina Dental KPHB on a Sunday with severe tooth pain. Dr. Swetha was running a bit late and he patiently waited. We are happy that even with severe tooth pain he decided to wait. Mr. Naresh consulted with Dr. Swetha and she advised immediate treatment of root canal without which the pain would not have subsided. Mr. Naresh agreed and as he did not have breakfast he was asked to eat or drink something and come back. By the time Mr. Naresh was back the chair and doctor were ready for root canal treatment. Dr. Swetha performed the root canal precisely and quickly. By the end of the treatment Mr. Naresh had absolutely no pain. He was so happy that he left to his hometown the very next day. He was followed up regularly and his feedback was always much appreciation for Dr. Swetha who had saved him from tooth agony. Such feedback always gives Dr. Swetha and the whole team at Platina Dental KPHB a big boost! If you wish to know more about painless root canal treatment offered by us, pick up your phone, dial +91 8500161986 and book an appointment.