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Laser Dentistry is the use of advanced dental lasers. Dental Lasers have revolutionized many treatments in dentistry. Hard tissue lasers are used for endodontic treatments while soft tissue lasers are used for gum diseases and tissue reshaping.

Lasers are useful in disinfecting unseen and unreached areas like root canals, prevent bleeding of gums, gum de-pigmentation, Crown lengthening, to prevent blood loss during gum and lip surgeries.

At Platina Dental Clinics which are advanced centers for Laser Dentistry, our experienced Cosmetic Dental Surgeons work on new ways to use the Laser. Several new use cases of laser are carefully evaluated and authenticated by experts before implementing.

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    Where can a Laser be used?

    • Crown Lengthening
    • Root Canal Sterilization
    • Gum De-pigmentation
    • Frenectomy and Frenotomy
    • FLAP surgery
    • Exposure of unerupted tooth
    • Biopsy
    • Excision of soft tissue
    • Incision and coagulation during surgeries
    • No Cut, No Sew, No Fear
    • Less Pain, Less Bleeding
    • Less Sensitivity, Less Gum Loss
    • Less Swelling, Less Post-op infections
    • Promotes regeneration of tissue
    • Faster healing, Less Downtime

    Advantages of Laser in dentistry

    No Pain
    Traditional dental treatments may cause pain and local anesthesia is needed. Laser Dentistry is pain-free and with the use of heat, light and highly effective in treating various dental treatments.

    No Bleeding
    Traditional dental treatments may cause bleeding. In Laser Dentistry, there is no dental bleeding as the Laser promotes immediate clotting.

    Less Recovery Time
    Traditional methods involving surgery like tooth extraction may lead to higher recovery times. But with Laser which promotes tissue regeneration, the recovery time can be minimized to a great extent.

    Reduce Bacterial Infections
    In the case of traditional treatments for severe bacterial infection in gums and the underlying tissue, multiple sittings are needed which may cause pain, bleeding and longer recovery time. With the help of Lasers, the bacterial infection is greatly reduced by killing the bacteria with the Laser Light and Heat, resulting in reduced recovery time.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Laser Dentistry

    Is Laser Dental Treatment safe?

    Absolutely! Apart from the above list of procedures US FDA has approved the use of Lasers in a number of dental treatments.

    What is the advantage of Laser Dental Treatment?

    Laser Dental Treatment in non-invasive, painless, minimal bleeding or no-bleeding, promotes quick healing and sterilizes the soft tissue.

    Is Laser Root Canal better than conventional root canal?

    Laser Root Canal achieves 100% sterilization of the infected root by killing all the bacteria by heat.

    What is the cost of Laser Root Canal?

    Cost of the Laser Root Canal is marginally higher when compared to the Conventional Root Canal. Laser Root Canal starts from INR 8000.

    Can Laser be used to treat bleeding gums and gum de-pigmentation?

    Bleeding gums or reddish gums or dark gums are a sign of infection in gums. Laser is highly effective in treating all gum infections. The heat from the laser burns the bacteria inside the gums and also coagulates the soft tissue surrounding. This results in almost instant stoppage of bleeding.

    What is the cost of laser treatment for bleeding gums?

    The cost of laser treatment for bleeding gums varies from patient to patient and based on severity. Consult with our expert periodontist to know more. Typically laser treatment of bleeding gums costs from INR 10000 onwards.

    What is LANAP?

    LANAP is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It is used to treat affected periodontal pockets without damaging the underlying tissue and to eliminate the bacteria.

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