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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment(RCT) is the process of removing the infection from root canals in the teeth, protecting it from reinfection and saving the natural tooth. The procedure involves removing of the infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting inside of the tooth, filling and sealing.

At Platina Dental Clinics in Hyderabad which are advanced centers for Laser Dentistry, Laser Root Canal Treatments are also performed apart from the conventional Root Canal Treatments by our experienced endodontists. Root Canal Treatment is a process of saving the natural tooth and you should try to save it if there is even a slightest chance and our dentists too would recommend the same.

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    Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

    • You keep your natural tooth
    • Efficient Chewing
    • Normal biting force and sensation
    • Natural appearance
    • protects other teeth from excessive strain

    What happens during a root canal treatment?

    root canal procedure

    Inside the tooth, beneath the white enamel and hard tissue (dentin) there is soft tissue referred to as pulp. The pulp contains the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue which help grow the root of the tooth during development. A fully developed tooth can survive without the root as it continues to be nourished by the tissues surrounding it.

    Is Root Canal Painful?

    Painless Root Canal

    • Root Canal is a painless procedure
    • Can be done in 1 or 2 sittings
    • Immediate Pain Relief
    • Consult with the best endodontist near me
    • Opt for Laser Root Canal to avoid any chance of re-infection.
    • Follow Pre and Post operative instructions
    root canal treatment in hyderabad

    cost of root canal treatment

    Conventional Root Canal Treatment
    The cost of conventional root canal treatment starts from INR 5000 per tooth.

    Laser Root Canal Treatment
    The cost of Laser root canal treatment starts from INR 7000 per tooth.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

    Who needs a Root Canal Treatment?

    A Root Canal is needed when the soft tissue(pulp) inside the root canal gets infected or inflamed. This is usually caused by deep decay, repeated dental procedures, crack, chip or injury to the tooth. Untreated the infection can lead to severe pain and abscess.

    What are the signs I need a Root Canal Treatment?

    Severe pain while chewing or biting
    Pimples on gums
    A chipped or cracked tooth
    Lingering sensitivity to hot/cold
    Swollen gums
    Deep decay or dark gums

    What happens if you dont get a root canal treated?

    If left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and can also be life-threatening. It is advised to go for root canal as early as possible.

    Will there be pain during or after the root canal treatment?

    This is a painless procedure. However there may be some sensitivity if there is infection before the root canal. Follow the endodontists instructions carefully along with prescribed medication. If you continue to experience sensitivity or pain even after a few days contact us immediately.

    Do I need a crown after root canal treatment?

    A crown is usually needed after a root canal. The crown helps in preventing re-infection and also evenly distribute the forces when chewing or biting.

    What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad?

    The cost of a Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad varies a great deal depending on the type of root canal. Consult with the best endodontist at the best dental clinic in Hyderabad to know the exact price. Typically the price ranges from 5000 onwards per Root Canal.

    What is Laser Root Canal Treatment?

    Laser Root Canal is an advanced procedure now available at Platina Dental KPHB, Hyderabad which is a dedicated center for Advanced Laser Studies and Treatments. After removing the infected pulp, the Dental Laser is carefully guided into all the canals, resulting in complete disinfection. This method results in zero chance of re-infection.

    How much does a Laser Root Canal Treatment Cost in Hyderabad?

    The cost of a Laser Root Canal in Hyderabad is very affordable. Platina Dental Clinics located at Kondapur, KPHB & Manikonda are advanced centers for Laser Dentistry and they are also much more affordable.

    What not to do after a Root Canal Treatment?

    After a root canal, make sure to follow all of your endodontist’s instructions, which most often include avoiding hard or especially chewy foods, brushing twice a day, and being very cautious around the area where the root canal procedure was completed.

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